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Silos are an ideal solution for industrial facilities with large storage needs and limited space. TAM's design is based on the FIFO (first-in-first-out) concept, guaranteeing that the extracted materials are those that have been stored first.

TAM has more than 40 years of experience in the design of this equipment and has its own technology, both for the silos and for their different extraction systems, adapting in each case the most appropriate one that ensures an efficient and controlled discharge.

Extraction Systems

Rotary Extractors

The rotary extractors are used in silos of small and medium sizes, to ensure a homogeneous extraction throughout the section of the silo as well as a uniform descent of the column of material stored in it. This extraction system is based on an arm in the shape of a logarithmic spiral, which "sweeps" the bottom of the Silo, moving the material, without compacting it, to the central discharge.

Sliding Floor

This type of discharge is suitable for materials that do not flow freely.

This system, installed at the bottom of the silo, sweeps the material by pushing it towards the discharge ports by means of a reciprocating movement.

TAM has extensive experience with this discharge system, frequently used due to its low consumption and robustness.

Storage Hoppers

Manufactured in concrete or in a metallic structure, these hoppers have an extractor system incorporated that allows the output of the product and that consists of a filling system, sliding floor, extractor or conveyor and a hydraulic unit.

This solution allows us to store from small to large volumes for feed hoppers on boiler.