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An industrial facility must have a wide range of systems that articulate and connect the equipment to each other, ensuring the operability of the facility.

TAM designs, manufactures, installs and starts up equipment of proven quality, based on its experience, ensuring maximum operability, availability and useful life of the installation.

Mixers, Grinders and Humidifiers

The constructive characteristics of these equipments are based on the simplicity of their construction.

The grinders are suitable equipment for the grinding processes of soft and not very tenacious materials. Its shafts have blades that rotate between plates fixed to the body of the grinder, which drives the material downwards, being ground on its way. The product is evacuated through the lower part of the grinder.

Mixers are a simple solution for mixing two or more materials, presenting a homogeneous output of these.

Humidifiers are a special type of mixer in which water is added to a powder material through a spray system, to avoid undesirable dust cloud formation.

Preparation of material, screens and crushing

In solids handling processes, homogeneity in grain size plays in favor of good process performance. The selection of a correct screening, as well as high-performance shredders, ensure continuous operation and minimize material rejections and their subsequent management.

Magnetic and densimetric separation

The recovery of fuels requires the use of a highly homogeneous end product for uninterrupted feeding to the furnace or boiler. This material must be free of foreign elements that could cause damage in combustion.

TAM supplies magnetic and densimetric separation stations in order to ensure a fuel free of impurities.

Sliding Gates and Rotary Valves

In any solid handling process we find the need to have control over the material flow. The sliding gates, with motorized, pneumatic or hydraulic drive, provide us with a simple control of the material flow, for the discharge or redirection of the flow.

Rotary valves are a simple solution when we need to dose a material without altering the environmental conditions of the system.